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We have the best plants and most advanced textile equipment. We guarantee quality in the manufacture of our products and services.

Sectional warpers machines: High productivity and versatility sectional warpers machines, can successfully meet any type of application.

     - Creels with a fixed double- sided bobbin holder enabling fast bobbin changes resulting from the mobility of the tensioner holders, which can be opened manually on either side.

     - Tensioners are equipped with a self cleaning device avoiding any variation in tension as a result of dirt.

Twisting machines with two-for-one twist spindles: From synthetic or artificial continuous yarn- flat or textured yarns-. Besides, we have on oven to fixing the yarn.

Cabling From synthetic or artificial continuous yarn- falt or textured yarns-. To each kind of yarn, we can use the most effective crossing to get high quality bobbins with controlled density.